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120 km of nature

6,000 m total ascent

3 stages in 3 days

Nocturneta (23km) + Trail (70km) + Cursa (27km)

5 villages involved: Xerta - Aldover - Paüls - La Franqueta (Horta de Sant Joan) - Alfara de Carles

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2510, 2017

UT les Fonts – Communication

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Dear friends,

UT les Fonts has reached the end of the road… It has been 7 full years with great experiences and adventures. Now it’s time to turn the page and take on new challenges.

We would like to thank all the runners and their companions who have participated, and we […]

903, 2017

Connection between the numbers

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There is a connection between the numbers:

1-200: UT les FontsFinishers position from last year.
201-399: UT les FontsOther participants of UT les Fonts.

401-451: Participants of Nocturneta

501-599: Participants of Trail de les Fonts

601-699: Participants of Trail de les Fonts

701-899: Participants of Cursa de les Fonts

901-949: Participants of […]

803, 2017

Your current licence and ID card

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It’s compulsory to show your current licence and ID.

If you still haven’t got it, you have to show us its receipt. We won’t accept another document as a licence and ID.

If you forget your ID and your licence or receipt, you must pay a temporary one that costs […]

803, 2017

REMINDER: Sunday meal change

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REMEMBER!!! If you would like to changethe Sunday meal, you can have beef stew instead of macaroni with mince and you have to send an email at
It’s obligatory to let us know about the change.